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Frequently Asked Questions about Premium Domains

What is a premium domain name?

Getting a memorable domain name gives your web presence a head start. Premium domain names are powerful addresses because they are typically short, memorable, and keyword-rich. Because premium domains have such high value as web addresses, they typically command a higher price.

Updated December 5,2016 by Travis Moore

Why do premium domain names cost more than other domain names?

Every domain extension is offered by an organization called a registry, who sets the standard price for domains with that extension. If a domain name is deemed to be particularly attractive or beneficial to its owner, the registry may designate that name as premium and set it at a higher prices than for standard domain names.

Updated December 5,2016 by Travis Moore

What is the price to renew a premium domain name?

Premium domain classification and prices are set by the registry. These prices will typically remain the same each year instead of renewing for the domain extension’s standard price.

Updated December 5,2016 by Travis Moore

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