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Premium Domain Name FAQ:All about premium domain names

Browse our latest selection of short, memorable premium domain names. All prices are per year.

What are premium domains?

Premium domain names typically contain “generic” keywords that are popular within specific industries. They’re often shorter, more descriptive, and easier to remember than other domain names. Using one can help drive website traffic brand awareness.

Why do they cost more?

Every top-level domain name (like .COM or .SHOP) is managed by an organization called a domain registry, who sells their domain names through domain registrars like us. If a registry deems one of their domain names to be particularly attractive or potentially beneficial to its owner, they may offer it for a higher price than their other domain names.

What will renewal cost?

A premium domain name typically renews at the same premium rate. A premium domain's wholesale price is set by its registry, and not by United Domains. However, we always give you advance notice of a domain's renewal price well before its expiration date, so you can make an informed choice.