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Easily transfer your domain name to your United Domains portfolio. To begin, enter the domain you’d like to transfer and its unique authorization code below.

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By clicking “Begin Checkout”, you confirm that you are the holder of the domain(s) to be transferred or are otherwise authorized by the domain holder to initiate this domain transfer to United Domains and allow the update of the domain's Registrant information to your customer account’s data (transfer of ownership, if applicable). You acknowledge that you will be held liable and subject to additional charges if a domain transfer is initiated without the domain holder’s prior knowledge and authorization.

** You can request your domain's authcode by contacting the domain's current registrar.

Frequently Asked Questions About Transferring Domain Names

What is an authorization code?

A domain’s authorization code (also called an EPP Code or Auth Code) adds a layer of security when transferring your domain name from one registrar to another. Every domain name’s authorization code is unique and assigned to it by the domain’s registrar at the time it is registered. You must supply this code in order to transfer the domain name to a different registrar.

Updated December 21,2016 by Travis Moore

Where can I find my domain name’s authorization code?

A domain’s authorization code is kept with its current registrar. You may be able to find this code in your customer account for this registrar, or you may need to contact the registrar to request it.

Updated December 21,2016 by Travis Moore

How do I make sure my domain name is eligible for transfer?

Before transferring a domain ending in a gTLD (such as .COM, .NET, .INFO, etc.) or a new gTLD (such as .SHOP, .CLUB, .BIKE, etc.), please check that the domain meets all of the following conditions:

  1. The domain was registered or transferred at least 60 days ago;
  2. The domain is unlocked and not expired at its current registrar. (An unlocked domain’s Whois Records should also show a status of “OK” or “Active.) If the domain is expired, please contact our support team for help with your transfer.
  3. The domain’s Whois Records show a valid and reachable Admin email address. This email address is where we will send a transfer approval message after you request the transfer. (If your domain name has Whois Privacy enabled, you will need to deactivate this feature.)

A small number of ccTLDs have different transfer requirements than those above. Please see our guides for transferring the following ccTLDs: For Information about transferring .UK and .CO.UK domains to United Domains please contact customer care.

Updated December 21,2016 by Travis Moore