Connect to Google Apps

What does Google Apps offer?

Reliable email hosting integrated with Google's trusted Gmail service. Backed up with office tools and calendar.

Google Apps

Connect Your Custom Domain to Google Apps

Google Apps is Google’s professional email, online storage, shared calendars, and video conferencing platform.

Is Google Apps the right platform for my website?

Many have fallen in love with Google’s easy-to-use (and free!) Gmail service and associated Google Drive & Calendar offerings. If you’re familiar with the Google ecosystem and want to use their products with your custom domain, then look no further. By using Google Apps with your domain, you’ll be able to send and receive email at your domain but from within the comfortable Google interface. You’ll also be able to use their shared services seamlessly with other Google users. 

How to Connect Your Custom Domain to Google Apps

  1. Register or transfer your custom domain name (you can skip this step if you already have a domain with us).
  2. In your United Domains Control Panel, select Web Apps.
  3. Select your domain, then select “Google Apps”.

Leave the rest to us! In minutes you’ll be able to connect your beautiful website to your custom domain.

Steps Required to Connect Your Domain to Google Apps

In order to successfully connect your domain name to Google Apps, we need your help! Make sure you’ve signed up for a Google Apps for Work account here. Once that’s done, follow these easy steps to get your portfolio up and running.

  1. Log in to your Google account.
  2. From the dashboard, click Domains.
  3. Click Add/Remove domains and then Add a domain or domain alias.
  4. To add the domain, select Add another domain.
  5. Add your domain name and click Continue and verify domain ownership.
  6. Choose to verify your ownership via TXT Record.
  7. Log into your United Domains account and add the TXT record to your domain.
  8. Back in Google, be sure to ensure the TXT record has been verified.
  9. Once the ownership has been verified, update the MX records to route mail to Google’s servers.

Don’t worry about the CNAME-record we take care of this on our end! Please allow up to 72 hours for changes to take effect.