Connect to Linkedin

What does Linkedin offer?

The world’s largest professional networking site. Link your domain to create a polished address for your portfolio.


Build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities.

Connect Your Custom Domain to LinkedIn

Is LinkedIn the right platform for my website?

LinkedIn is the world’s leading business-oritented social network. With over 400 million active users, LinkedIn presents a great opportunity to build a professional brand and to connect with other professionals and businesses directly. Whether you’re trying to just create a place to host your resume online, looking for new job opportunities, or trying to engage with other like-minded professionals in the pursuit of your passions, LinkedIn is a great place to be. And with a custom domain, you can make yourself easy to find and attach a memorable brand to your LinkedIn content.   

How to Connect Your Custom Domain to LinkedIn


  1. Register or transfer your custom domain name (you can skip this step if you already have a domain with us).
  2. In your United Domains Control Panel, select Web Apps.
  3. Select your domain, then select “LinkedIn”.

Leave the rest to us! In minutes you’ll be able to connect your beautiful website to your custom domain.