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Connect your domain to the web's best services

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Domain Connect is integrated with a variety of the web’s most popular services. From website builders and social media sites to blogs and email hosts.


Not tech-savvy? No problem. Domain Connect takes care of the tricky stuff. Just pick your service, follow a few simple steps, and your domain name will be connected in no time.

Free for
every domain name

Pointing a domain name with Domain Connect is free for all United Domains customers, and compatible with every domain name you have with us.

Popular, dependable services

Website Builders

Create your own website, no web designer needed. From premium and feature-loaded packages to essential, stripped-down services, there’s a website builder out there to help you achieve your vision.


Social Networks

If social media is the core of your web presence, you can link your domain name to your social network page for a more convenient and brand-boosting web address.


Email & Web Hosts

An email address on your domain name creates an instantly professional look. Email hosts let you send and receive email using your domain name, and some even offer additional services for managing your email.



Share your perspective from a blog. Choose a blog platform that fits, create your layout, and start getting your message out there.


Media, Music, and Art

Media-focused platforms specialize in helping your creative work shine. We’ve integrated Domain Connect with services catering to artists, photographers, video producers, and musicians.


Connecting is easy


Get a domain

Register your domain name with United Domains or transfer one to your United Domains portfolio.


Log in

Log in and select Services > Domain Connect.


Set it up

Choose your domain name and your service, then follow the setup wizard to finish.

Common Questions about Domain Connect

How long does connecting take?

As with any DNS update, a domain set up with Domain Connect may take up to 72 hours to finish connecting, though typically it takes less than 24 hours. The exact time depends on the service you choose and the types of DNS records used to connect the domain to it. If your changes haven’t propagated within 72 hours of updating, please check these common causes of connection problems to troubleshoot, or contact us

How much does Domain Connect cost?

Setting up your domain name using Domain Connect is totally free. The third-party services integrated with Domain Connect may have their own costs, terms, and policies, which we don't control or monitor. Always investigate a third party service and any of its associated costs before you use it.

Where do I manage the service I use?

The service you connect to will be accessible from the account you create with that service. For example, if you pointed your domain name to your Tumblr blog, you would manage this blog from your account at Your domain name and its settings will stay accessible in your United Domains portfolio.