The Best Apps at your Fingertips, Free

Web Apps is integrated with a stunning array of trusted apps and services, and it’s totally free to use. Whether you want to start a blog, build your business’ web presence, or create a stunning portfolio, Web Apps lets you manage your domain your way.

Your Personal IT Pro

Not tech savvy? Not a problem. Just select the App you want to use with your domain name, and you’re all set. Web Apps handles the technical details of connecting your domain, so you can focus on bringing your idea to life.

Squarespace LogoAll-in-one web host offering beautiful templates for any website, blog, or store.Learn more
Wix LogoUser-friendly “drag-and-drop” website-building tools with free templates and an intuitive online editor. Great for websites and blogs.Learn more
Weebly LogoApproachable website builder featuring built-in business tracking and email marketing tools.Learn more
FastMail LogoPrivate, secure, ad-free email host. Great for business or personal use.Learn more
Twitter LogoA massive social network with over 300 million active users. Connect your domain to your Twitter page and join the conversation.Learn more
Linkedin LogoThe world’s largest professional networking site. Link your domain to create a polished address for your portfolio.Learn more
Facebook LogoA social networking site for keeping in touch, sharing what you love, and creating new connections.Learn more
Tumblr LogoFree blog hosting, easy content sharing, and a huge choice of attractive blog templates.Learn more
500px LogoCommunity and marketplace for finding, sharing, buying, and selling inspiring photography.Learn more
Vimeo LogoVideo host with tons of customization tools to give you maximum control over your videos.Learn more
BitBalloon LogoSimple and straightforward hosting for static sites and apps.Learn more
Moonfruit LogoBeginner-friendly website builder that automatically optimizes your website for web and mobile.Learn more
Shopify LogoIntuitive ecommerce tools to help you build and grow your online shop.Learn more
Bandcamp LogoA community of musicians and listeners. Powerful tools to help artists distribute music and connect with fans.Learn more
Ghost LogoA professional, open-source blog publishing platform. Perfect for creating a modern online publication.Learn more
Blogger LogoSimple yet robust blogging tools from Google. Easily publish articles, photos or videos on an array of blog templates.Learn more
Google Apps LogoReliable email hosting integrated with Google's trusted Gmail service. Backed up with office tools and calendar.Learn more
deviantART LogoA community where artists can share their creative works, build their portfolios, and connect with fans.Learn more
SmugMug LogoEasily store, share and sell your photos in one place.Learn more

Frequently Asked Questions about Web Apps

Does my domain need to be registered through United Domains to use the Web Apps feature?

Web Apps Integration works with any domain name in your United Domains portfolio. If you don’t have a domain yet, you can register a new domain name using our search tool above, or you can transfer your existing domain using our Domain Transfer Tool.

Updated December 9th, 2015 by Travis Moore

How long will it take for my domain to work after I finish connecting it?

Most domain updates will take effect in your browser within 24 hours, though it can take up to 72 hours depending on a variety of factors. If it takes longer than 72 hours to connect after updating, please check here for help troubleshooting the issue or contact us.

Updated December 9th, 2015 by Travis Moore

What if I’m not signed up for the Web App service I want to use?

The Web Apps setup wizard will walk you through the process of signing up with the service you select. No need to sign up beforehand.

Updated December 9th, 2015 by Travis Moore

Where do I manage my selected web service after signing up for it?

After connecting your domain name to a web service, any services you use with that provider will be accessible from your account with that provider. Your domain name and its settings will be accessible from your account at United Domains. For example, if you connected your domain name to Tumblr, you would manage your blog at, and manage your domain name at United Domains.

Updated December 9th, 2015 by Travis Moore

Are there any costs involved with Web Apps?

Web Apps is intended to simplify the process of connecting your domain name to various third-party services and applications, such as web hosting or email services. While using the Web Apps tool is free, any of these third-party services may have their own terms and policies, and your use of them will be governed by those terms and policies.

Updated December 9th, 2015 by Travis Moore