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.CLUB: Register Now

Say hello to the new face of online community. Register your .CLUB domain now just $9.90 (first year).

Nothing strengthens your brand like a devoted community, but with a limited supply of available .COM and .NET domain name extension, online communities often struggle to gain traction. .CLUB domain names are the new, brandable destination for community online. From fan clubs to customer loyalty programs, .CLUB is perfect for any association. Register yours today.

Pre-Order Soon to be Launched Extensions

.LONDON Calling

Pre-order your new .LONDON domain for only $39.00 per year.

.LONDON will be the premiere platform for London's businesses, people, and culture. The .LONDON domain extension will be available on September 9th 2014, but you can get a head start by pre-ordering yours at United Domains. Give yourself global appeal ' pre-order your .LONDON domain name now.

Upcoming New gTLD Launches

Launch Sequence

New domain extensions are already taking the online world by storm, and hundreds of new domain extensions are slated for launch this year.

Stay up to date on all upcoming domain releases before they happen with our Launch Sequence Page. This continuously updated resource includes annual registration prices and go-live dates for all new domain extensions we offer for pre-registration, pre-order and live registration.

Domain Name Prices

Annual Registration Fees     See Full Pricelist
$  9.90
Me Special Price
$  9.90
Asia Pacific
United Kingdom
$  9.90
Spain NEW
Hong Kong
$  9.90
Adult Content
Indian Ocean
July 22


.BAR and .REST Domains, The Secret Ingredient for Bars and Restaurants Online

by Travis Moore

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen — nowhere is this adage truer than in the food and beverage service industry. If you own a restaurant, bar, pub, club, or any kind of establishment where people gather over food and drink, you know that competition is hot no matter where you set up shop. Success in the world of food and drink establishments requires making an instant yet enduring impact that will leave your customers hungering for more.

July 9


Promote Your Business with New Domains

by Ana Varela

Establishing and building a website for your brand or business is one of the easiest ways to get noticed by customers. The quickest way to do that is through a unique and attention-grabbing domain name. With the launch of hundreds of new domains like .CLUB, .PHOTOS and .MARKETING, a whole new world has just opened up online. Choosing a new domain over a classic domain can help you build your brand and promote your business online. Simply put, new domains are the most affordable and powerful way to strengthen your brand, captivate and increase consumer demand.