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.ORG has come to represent the purest expression of human potential; working together toward a common goal.

.ORG: Building A Better Future, Together

.ORG has come to represent the purest expression of human potential; working together toward a common goal.

Get .ORG-anized.

You don't need to be part of a non-profit to register .ORG. In fact, you don't even need to be affiliated with a group; .ORG domains are available to anyone and everyone.

With more than 8 million registered .ORG domains under its belt, the Public Interest Registry oversees the third most popular domain on the planet, and have witnessed its application to a thrilling array of interests and concerns on a global scale. The astounding popularity of .ORG makes it a proven branding tool for anyone building an online presence for a cause, foundation, or community, or for anyone interested in building a site that evokes unity.

United Domains offers .ORG domains for just $14.90 per year, making this multi-faceted domain an affordable investment for your company, community, or (of course!) organization.

Who Uses .ORG?

There are multiple sides to everything, including your brand. Representing them with different TLDs lets each one stand out while still tying back to a single concept. We all know Internet kingpin Google calls .COM home for many of its products and services. But what you may not know is that Google also depends on .ORG to represent its philanthropic efforts. Wikipedia, the web's go-to tome of information both profound and trivial, relies on .ORG to underline its commitment to both transparency and the collaborative expansion of human knowledge.

But anyone looking to make a difference can leverage .ORG to amazing effect. When disaster struck Haiti in January 2010, aid groups and individuals alike built rapid-response websites to push relief supplies and donations where they were needed, and many of those sites chose .ORG as the banner under which to sound their call. Moments after a tsunami crippled much of Japan in 2011, .ORG sites sprang up worldwide to offer aid, whether it was by acting as hubs for crowdsourced information or for collaborating on search and rescue strategies. These efforts, while individually modest, combined to create a force of healing in the wake of a disaster.

.ORG-Domain Information

Description: Organization
Registration Period: 1 year
Annual Price: $14.90
Restrictions: Domain Guidelines
Restore: possible » pricelist

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