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Over the ages, the Asia Pacific and Pan-Asian regions have weaved a rich tapestry of culture, history and innovation stretching over oceans and across millennia. Now, the .ASIA country code top-level domain (ccTLD) assembles this diverse region beneath a digital banner.

Dot ASIA is Calling

As the Earth's largest, most populated continent, Asia's staggering size and astonishing diversity have shaped it into a commercial, political and cultural powerhouse whose influence in recent decades has steadily strengthened. As this momentum propels the region to prominence in the digital world, the .ASIA ccTLD provides new avenues for securing and strengthening Asia's growing online influence, and stimulating its technological growth. Keep reading to find out how this ccTLD can help you reach your goals!

Reach New Horizons with the .ASIA Domain

.ASIA may be helping Asia to reach out, But this ccTLD can be just as valuable for those looking to reach back. Demand for easily accessible online information, goods and services is exploding as more and more of Asia's colossal populace flocks to the Internet.

Stand Out with the .ASIA Extension

In a sea of .COM and .NET domains, helping your audience find relevant, meaningful services is more important than ever. This is where .ASIA comes in. Businesses using the .ASIA ccTLD are uniquely positioned to capitalize on a vast and increasingly viable regional market at a key point in its economic development. Visitors to a .ASIA website will have an immediate idea of that business' location and target audience, enabling them to form a deeper relationship with that business than any .COM could allow, right from the first click.

Get Your .ASIA Domain Today

Registering a .ASIA domain is easy and you can do so with just a few clicks. With United Domains, we provide the security and simplicity you crave, so go ahead and get your .ASIA website today!


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Registration Period: 1 year
Registration Price: $14.90
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