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Hit the Ground Running with a .SHOES Domain

From cutting edge running sneakers to everyday flats, there’s something for everyone with the new .SHOES domain.

The .SHOES extension is a step in the right direction

Footwear is one of the fastest growing industries. In the United States alone, footwear generated $64 billion in annual revenue according to one study. With consumers constantly on the lookout for new styles and fashions, stores have to keep up by having a strong online presence. With the .SHOES domain, retailers let customers know right away that they’ll be able to find what they’re looking for when it comes to their feet.

Grow online sales with the .SHOES extension

Today nearly 70 percent of American adults shop online every month, buying everything from groceries to tennis shoes. While many still prefer traditional brick and mortar stores, the importance of having a strong online presence cannot be underestimated. With footwear sales only growing, .SHOES is a vital home for shops that operate both online and off.

Just consider some of these important footwear trends:

  • Footwear accounts for 23 percent of online sales.
  • The average American woman will spend $20,000 on shoes in her lifetime.
  • Online sales are projected to hit $523 billion by 2020, and footwear retailers will be a huge beneficiary of this surge.

It’s crystal clear that the power of online sales cannot be ignored by any retailer. With footwear making up such a large percentage of these sales, companies must now have a strong online brand that connects with consumers of all ages. This doesn’t mean a brick and mortar retailer has to leave Main Street. Nor does a shop that sells a variety of products have shut down their primary website. In both cases, a .SHOES domain can expand a retailer’s online reach.

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