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Conquer the World with the New .GLOBAL Domain Extension

Going global takes determination, and nothing broadcasts your ambition like a strong domain name. If your company is going after the global market, a new .GLOBAL domain name can be just the thing to help your presence grow.

With the Internet allowing for instant communication and worldwide visibility, a greater number of companies and organizations are taking their place on the world’s stage by increasing their global presence. Most new domain extensions to debut recently focus on a specialized area or market, but a .GLOBAL web address has no boundaries, so you can attract customers from around the world. Keep reading to learn how to take advantage of your .GLOBAL domain name.

Grow Your Business with .GLOBAL Web Addresses

Companies and businesses with global ambitions need a name to match their ambition and brand without restricting international growth. The new .GLOBAL domain is an absolute boon for businesses and organizations looking to increase their presence around the world.

Thanks to the Internet, even garage based businesses have the unprecedented ability to attract global attention — from customers and investors to press and blogs. Where many web addresses are great at isolating a specific market, a .GLOBAL web address is unrestricted, so it can attract more visitors from any corner of the world.

Build Bridges with the .GLOBAL Domain

While .GLOBAL is well suited for businesses and companies, any organization with international aspirations can broadcast the scope of their passion under the .GLOBAL domain extension. Charitable organizations and nonprofits can reach out beyond local communities, working to raise awareness of issues in other nations. A .GLOBAL domain communicates unity, and has a distinct advantage over .COM for attracting like-minded people to borderless communities . In the same spirit, a .GLOBAL web address is perfect for any blog or webpage with a world-spanning focus — from a blog documenting a trip abroad to the website of a cultural exchange.