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Get In Shape with the .FITNESS Web Address

With everyone looking for exercise tips and tricks, the Internet has become the place to go for the latest information. With the brand new .FITNESS web address, the gym, health and fitness world can reach people like never before.

A simple search for the word “fitness” yielded over 442 million pages of information. With so much online, it’s hard to know who to trust. However with the new .FITNESS domain, it just got a lot easier to narrow down the search. For businesses and bloggers alike, this brand new web address makes sure websites get seen by customers and readers. Keep reading to find out how this amazing extension works!

Gyms and Health Clubs Rejoice with the .FITNESS Domain

In the United States alone the gym, health and fitness industry generates over $29 billion in revenue annually. This number includes enrolling in gym memberships, purchasing equipment and operating dance centers among many other avenues. With an industry this wide spanning deserves its very own home online, which is why the .FITNESS domain is the perfect fit.

Promote Your Business with the .FITNESS Web Address

With so many businesses falling under the “fitness” umbrella, this brand new web extension is a great way to promote services to current and potential customers. For example, a gym can use the .FITNESS web address to advertise classes, training sessions and hours of operation. This makes it easy clients to find what they’re looking for, especially when they’re on the run and need to find information fast.

Get Blogging with .FITNESS

When it comes to sharing tips and tricks, blogging is the simple way to reach the most people. With so many looking for information, the Internet is quickly becoming the quickest way to share knowledge and information. However, with so many others writing on the same topic, it can be difficult to attract readers. Using the .FITNESS domain instead of a typical .COM can help blogs stand out in a sea of search results.

The best .FITNESS domains won’t last for long, so make sure to get yours today!