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The .CYMRU Domain is Wales New Online Home

When it comes to creating a unique identity on the Internet, there’s no better way to it than with a great domain name. The brand new .CYMRU domain helps you do just that. Meaning “Wales” in Welsh, .CYMRU is the perfect fit for anyone looking to connect with the Welsh community online.

For centuries the country of Wales has been an integral but distinct part of the United Kingdom for centuries. Since the early 14th Century, the title of Prince of Wales has been bestowed on the heir-apparent of the British Crown. The brand new .CYMRU domain takes the  Welsh spirit of distinctive cultural expression on to the Internet.

The .CYMRU Extension Bound to Be Popular

The .CYMRU domain is a unique new domain that stands out for its cultural distinctiveness and variety of applications. Not only that, but it’s also supported by the Welsh government. Both the First Minister and Business Minister of Wales have spoken out in support of the new .CYMRU domain.

"The new domain names create a fantastic opportunity for Wales that support development of businesses, communities and the Welsh language online,” said Carywn Jones, First Minister of Wales,  “It means we could use the top level domain names to establish a strong online presence, which truly reflects our national identity".

The Welsh Language Goes Online with .CYMRU

The Welsh language is famously impenetrable to outsiders, and a source of pride for locals. While other minority languages have faltered in the 20th century, Welsh has in fact added new speakers of all ages over the years. Those that do speak the language are often notably enthusiastic in their support of it, and Welsh translations of global media from BBC broadcasts to novels to Wikipedia reflect their work.

The new .CYMRU will help keep the Welsh language alive and help ensure its continuation for many generations to come. This goes for both the native Welsh as well as ex-pats and outsiders who wish to learn the language.