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Rediscover the region of Brittany with .BZH

The citizens of France's noted non-Francophone region are breaking the mold again with their very own new domain name! Get to know .BZH and the fascinating history surrounding it.

.BZH is a unique domain extensions celebrating the history and heritage of Brittany. The .BZH extension is unlike any other new domain available now, and it’s bound to make a huge splash -- both among its residents and everyone who takes an interest in the region's Celtic roots and Breton language!

French Surroundings, Celtic Beginnings

Brittany, a region in Northwestern France, has a culture, a language, and a history all their own. Only joining France in 1532, they were able to retain much of their heritage and culture, which is still prevalent today. The Breton language, with Celtic rather than Romance roots, was heavily stigmatized during the 20th century and still has a few hundred thousand speakers today, making the Breton region an exceptionally unique and fascinating one. Today, the Breton region itself is doing quite well, with nearly 4.5 million inhabitants and steadily increasing.


With the all new domain .BZH, which is a common abbreviation for Breizh, the Breton-language word for Brittany, the Breton region's pride, culture and heritage now have a modern platform to share their unique attributes with the world. 

Growing Opportunities with .BZH

Brittany’s widely known for fishing and agriculture, but their beautiful scenery, delicious food and Breton culture has made them a go to tourist destination. 

Tourists' growing interest in the region of Brittany is perfectly timed for the debut of the all-new .BZH domain extension. A .BZH domain is the perfect choice to represent Brittany's flourishing tourism industry. With this new domain, visitors can make the most of their stays by getting a feel for the region, browsing local shops, restaurants and bars. Find the best spots to go fishing and make new adventures by exploring the beautiful landscape all around the region of Brittany.

With Brittany-local businesses flocking to the new .BZH domain extension, Britanny's reputation endures in the minds of millions all over the world -- and keep them coming back for more year after year.


To register (or renew) a .bzh domain name, applicants must in particular substantiate:
• a place of residence, headquarters or office located in Brittany (Côtes d’Armor, Ille-et-Vilaine, Finistère, Morbihan, Loire-Atlantique), or
• significant and original content of the website devoted to Brittany and the Breton culture, at most six (6) months after the allocation of the domain name, or
• a significant and original part of the website in the Breton or Gallo language, at most six (6) months after the allocation of the domain name, or
• regular membership of Association, which gathers representatives of the linguistic and cultural community.