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.ESTATE of Mind

As flexible as it is precise, .ESTATE is sure to be the online destination for all things property and real estate. Don't wait to close the deal - register your own .ESTATE today!

From Legal to Leisurely with .ESTATE Domains

The term "estate" on its own is most often used in relation to legal matters of property and possessions. Loosely defined as the net worth of a person in terms of their assets, "estate" is most commonly found in legal matters resulting from the death of an individual, such as the determination of inheritance among surviving family members and acquaintances. For these matters, and the individuals who specialize in handling them, the .ESTATE domain will be an invaluable companion.

The term "estate" doesn't exclusively lend itself to legal matters, though. Its focus on property means it can also extend to the real estate and tourism -- both thriving industries that have gotten a huge boost in the digital age. Gone are the days of the travel agent and ordering plane tickets by phone. These days, when we feel like taking a load off, the Internet is our first and last destination -- from researching the destination to booking the flight.

Among the most popular types of tourism in the US is the wine country getaway, where estates .the rolling hills of America's pastoral wine-producing regions. With more and more wineries popping up every year -- from the organic small batches to the mass-produced -- it's the perfect time for the industry to better represent itself to vacationers with a .ESTATE domain.

Master of Your .ESTATE Domain

Similarly, the Internet has truly shaken up the world of property renting and selling, sites like Craigslist, Reddit and Zillow being just as likely destinations as real estate agencies for property seekers. The world of real estate is also due to be shaken up with the .ESTATE TLD. The term as a suffix makes for an endless possibility of real estate-related domain names, and is sure to keep the .REALESTATE domain name from overcrowding with competition. Whether the left of the .specifies a town, a city, or a state of mind, .ESTATE is sure to be a destination for the world of online real estate.