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Wake up your web presence with a .CAFE domain extension

Promote your coffee business, or caffeinate your coffee-related content with a .CAFE web address for your site.

Connect with your community on a .CAFE domain name

Cafes are a big deal among small businesses. It seems like anywhere you go, you can always find a nearby coffee shop where locals gather to chat, be productive, or cozy up with a mug of their favorite caffeinated beverage. The .CAFE domain Extension will provide a dedicated space where brick-and-mortar cafes can promote their businesses, display menus, offer promotions, and share updates online. With .CAFE, local cafes and coffee shops have a digital channel to stay in touch with their community's regular customers while bringing in new ones.

Those in the non-consumer-facing side of the coffee business, like farmers or kitchen appliance manufacturers, can also take advantage of a .CAFE web address to promote their coffee-related wares and services. Similarly, retailers who may operate a coffee bar as an extension of their main service, like grocery stores or ski lodges at mountain resorts, can post menus and specials in an organized, dedicated space on their larger site. 

Create compelling coffee content on a .CAFE web address

The .CAFE domain extension also provides a recognizable namespace allowing consumers to connect with coffee-related content -- from shops and coffee retailers, coffee enthusiast blogs and video channels, or any other content that provides the kick coffee-lovers crave. A .CAFE domain makes for a succinct, one-of-a-kind domain web address, and can be a brand-boosting tool for people, businesses, and other entities trying to stand out in the coffee world.  

And while "café" is strongly associated with coffee, it's also an apt descriptor for many other types of spaces and products that may be more loosely associated with the beverage. Pastry or breakfast establishments, diners, book stores, art galleries, and other casual gathering spaces can make use of .CAFE domain to create a compelling online address, whether or not they are strictly cafes themselves.