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First Year Price €599 incl. 19.00% VAT
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Registration Period 1 Year
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Build a More Informed Brand with .FEEDBACK Domains

.FEEDBACK domains give your loyal customers with a trustworthy, recognizable space to air their comments, complaints, and compliments about your brand.

Now more than ever, feedback -- and developing strategies to regularly acquire it -- is on the minds of brands everywhere. After all, collecting and capitalizing on feedback can transform a critic into a brand ambassador. The .FEEDBACK domain extension helps to open channels of honest, productive communication between brands and their supporters.

Quality feedback is crucial for building quality products and services; the right feedback can mean the difference between a brand's innovation and stagnation. Alongside TLDs like .REVIEWS and .GRIPE, .FEEDBACK domains provide an exceptional naming option for sites focused on collecting opinions, reviews, comments, criticisms, and every other kind of feedback. 

However, since there are no specific content restrictions on .FEEDBACK, it is a fully flexible naming choice that can fit any website's purpose. Plus, since "feedback" is already a strong keyword, your website can rank higher in searches for feedback about your brand -- helping to ensure that feedback is funneled to you directly.