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Create a winning hand for your website with a .CARDS Domain Name

The .CARDS domain extension represents online content for casinos and resorts, as well as playing cards, trading cards, and greeting cards.

Play Your .CARDS Domain Right

With the introduction of hundreds of new industry-focused domains like .CARDS gTLD, it just got a little bit easier to build your businesses’ home online. For businesses of all types, this extension opens up doors and helps you get to where you need to be. Keep reading to find out how a .CARDS domain name can get you on a roll!

.CARDS Web Addresses Spells Success for Casinos and Hotels

The most obvious fit for the brand new .CARDS domain is for casinos, resorts and other establishments that offer table games or slot machines. This domain gives businesses an amazing way to attract new customers and hold onto current ones. From vacation packages to bachelor parties, .CARDS can help the resort industry stay ahead of the game online.

.CARDS Domains Send Their Greetings

Greeting cards have long been a simple but effective way for people to express fond emotions and affirm our relationships with those we care about most. Greeting card companies — from the traditional to the alternative — can all find a fitting new online presence in a .CARDS domain name for their company websites.

But like anything else once available only in print, the greeting card industry has exploded onto the Internet. Full of animation, expressive audio, and a never-ending bag of entertaining gimmicks, the common greeting card has taken on new life online. A .CARDS domain extension is the ideal extension for this larger-than-life brand of online communication. From the wistful to the weird, animated greeting cards of all stripes can be found easier thanks to a dedicated .CARDS web address.

Customer Rewards: Easier than Ever with a .CARDS Domain Name

The new .CARDS domain is a boon for credit card companies and rewards programs. With this extension, companies can advertise benefits to customers. With .CARDS domain names making for a more memorable destination for your website, visitors are all the more likely to come back for more later on.