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Hail a .CAB domain name

Drive traffic to your transportation service with a .CAB Web Address.

Reach your online destination with a .CAB domain name

A corner stone of countless cities' public transportation infrastructure, taxis, or cabs, provide quick and reliable transportation around town for millions of travelers. With the .CAB domain extension, taxi, limo, and other personal transportation services have a unique and recognizable domain name to promote their services and get found online. 

For any kind of service, consumers are increasingly likely to research and compare their options before deciding where to make a purchase. That's especially true with cab services, whose clientele may be from out of town, or who are otherwise unfamiliar with the area. With a competitive variety of transportation services to choose from in many cities, it's important that your business stand out to consumers online as well as on the street. Taxi companies, private drivers, and limo services can use a .CAB domain to clearly signal that their service is relevant to their visitors' transportation needs. 

.CAB Domains are Mobile
Advances in mobile devices have opened new avenues for cab companies to deliver more efficient transportation services. For people in need of a lift in metropolitan areas, hailing a cab via smartphone or mobile device has become an extremely popular and effective method of transportation. With a .CAB web address for your mobile site, you can have a clear, easy-to-remember destination for mobile users to remember -- no app necessary. A recognizable and user-friendly mobile site increases the number of channels riders have to reach you with while on the go. Help stranded travelers find on-demand service they need to get home with a .CAB domain name.

the .CAB domain extension is unrestricted, so it's not just available to cab companies. For example, In order to keep people moving, the cab industry depends on car manufacturers, mechanics, drivers, communication technology, and more. The many sub-industries responsible for keeping the larger cab industry moving can organize and promote all of their cab-specific products and services under a .CAB domain name. And as a key point of difference from the similar .TAXI extension, .CAB domains apply to any space fitting the term "cab", like cabinet (carpentry or furniture), or cabernet (wine).