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First Year Price €9 incl. 19.00% VAT On Sale
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Registration Period 1 Year
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Profit with the .STORE Domain

Stores come in all shapes and sizes from small town shops to digital storefronts. The .STORE domain extension is one easy way to boost your marketing strategy.

.STORE: The new digital storefront

Nearly 70% of Americans make monthly online purchases, indicating that the Internet has revolutionized shopping. Today a store doesn't even need a physical location to exist. Increasing web traffic with online marketing and digital sales channels is increasingly vital to ensuring a store's success. After all, even brick and mortar businesses commonly operate a separate online sales channel. This makes the .STORE domain extension a great option for building a presence online and off.

The .STORE platform creates value

Regardless of whether purchases are made online or off, consumers increasingly rely on digital research before committing to buying a product. Reports indicate that consumers are getting increasingly savvy with 72% of people rating themselves as confident or expert level shoppers. Comparison shopping is ubiquitous that it’s part of the everyday shopping experiences. Companies looking to provide information on products like reviews and reports can use the .STORE platform to reach consumers.

Promote resources with a .STORE website

Given the level of expertise modern consumers now have, it’s increasingly important tof stores to establish themselves as go-to places for information with a .STORE domain. For everything from customer outreach to reputation management, shops are now able to thrive online with .STORE. This extension perfectly suited for the store-related content that immediately indicated to consumers what they might find on a site.

Along with .SHOP and .SHOPPING, the .STORE domain ending specifically grounds itself by connecting to the idea of the store as a physical space. A great choice for established stores maintaining a strong real-world presence, or for any online storefront that wishes to evoke a real-world location in its name.