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Premium Domains Available
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Build Your Home Online with the .JOBURG Domain

Johannesburg, one of South Africa’s most popular cities, just got a brand new home online with the .JOBURG domain. This extension is a great fit for residents and fans of Johannesburg alike.

The introduction of new domains have revolutionized the Internet in ways previously unimagined. In particular geographic and city domains have changed the landscape by providing a new way for commerce and advertising to exist online. Not only that, but those who are passionate about where they live can share their love for their favorite city. This is no exception for .JOBURG, the brand new domain for the South African city of Johannesburg, which is also known as “Joburg.”

Leading the Way with .JOBURG Domain Extensions

South Africa has forged the way in the Internet revolution by claiming digital homes for their three major cities--Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. This extensions strive to expand the reach of these cities both locally and globally. With the new .JOBURG domain, anyone anywhere can share their love of one of the continent’s most favorite cities. This proud identifier will help set any website apart from the competition by giving people the opportunity to create a highly specific domain name that suits their needs.

.JOBURG Web Addresses for Businesses and Bloggers

This goes for businesses and bloggers alike. Any business based in Johannesburg can use the the .JOBURG domain to share their products and services with current and future customers. This makes it easier for people to locate businesses in a long list of search results. The .JOBURG domain is also an amazing fit for bloggers looking to share their pride in Johannesburg.