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Like Mothers Everywhere, .MOM Domains Get the Job Done

No matter what you call her whether it’s “mommy,” “mum” or “ma,” the .MOM domain name provides a brand new home for all things mother. For how hard most moms work, they certain deserve their very own digital home!

From culture to culture and family to family, motherhood is universally celebrated and cherished. Mothers and the work they do as caretakers, nurturers and role models, are the subjects of passionate discussion. As more and more of the dialogue moves to the online sphere, it's clear that the .MOM domain extension is a natural online destination for moms and the people who love them.  

The Digital .MOM

Though it's one of hundreds of new domains, the .MOM extension is unique in many ways. It creates a niche for mothers to exist online in a one-of-a-kind way. The introduction of this domain shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially seeing as moms were some of the original digital trailblazers. Online mommy bloggers give advice on childrearing by sharing experiences with the online world.

The .MOM Domain Knows Best

Being a mom is a special experience for many women. It’s also one that brings a lot of changes and new needs, which is exactly why many businesses and services cater to mothers. It’s like the Internet was made for moms!

Just consider all of the possibilities:

  • Bloggers can register .MOM domains to stand out from traditional .COM blogs. It lets readers know exactly what a blog is about, all with what comes after the dot!

  • Companies that create products for mothers can use .MOM to share the latest and greatest products for parents like them.

  • Advice forums and websites can get a .MOM website to create a space where mothers can share information with each other.