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Make a Very Good Impression with the .VG Domain

The .VG domain has something for everyone. From video gamers to business owners, a .VG domain name can help just about anyone stand out amongst the competition. This is Very Good news for anyone looking for a memorable and unique domain name.

Launched in 1997, the .VG domain extension is the digital home for the British Virgin Islands (BVI). The island chain is a British Overseas Territory located in the sunny Carribean. The four main islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, and Jost Van Dyke are joined by dozens of smaller islands, some inhabited and many not. Though the .VG domain is best known for BVI, it has no restrictions, which means anyone can put it to work for them.

The .VG Domain Puts the British Virgin Islands on the Map

The BVI economy is largely driven by offshore financial services and tourism. This makes the .VG domain a great fit for any business, financial or otherwise, looking to distinguish themselves online. Just think about it—what says “British Virgin Islands” better than a .VG domain name? If you answered nothing, you're well on your way to finding the perfect BVI-related domain name!

More Great Ways to Put the .VG Extension to Work

For Vegetarians and Ethical Food Advocates

One unlikely beneficiary of the .VG domain are vegetarians and vegans, ethical food advocates and restaurants. Just think about it: You can easily shorten the word “vegetable” down to a quick and memorable “vg.” It's easy to see why the .VG domain is a great option for those looking to promote just about anything vegetable-related.

For Artists and Designers

Vector graphics are a series of image formats that allow artwork to be viewed at any zoom level without loss of resolution. Initially popular with illustrators and video game developers, they are increasingly important in a wide range of art and design applications. Professionals and amateurs alike can use websites in the .VG domain to advertise their expertise with these formats and share information about the best image editing software, input hardware, and artistic techniques.