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Step on Stage With the .THEATRE Domain

Theatre has impacted our world for thousands of years.The roots of modern theatre can be traced back to the Greek empire, where theatre played a major role in the day-to-day lives of its residents. In today’s world, the role of theatre is that of an important part of culture. The new .THEATRE domain brings a classic artform to life online.

The .THEATRE domain can represent everything from local community theatre troupes to well known international plays. With this distinctive domain extension, visitors will immediately recognize what content they might find on a .THEATRE website. This makes it easy to build a strong online presence based on a firm foundation of performance art.

Attract an audience with the .THEATRE domain

With a .THEATRE domain name, productions can quickly and effectively advertise productions to both a local and global audience. This unique new domain provides a world of possibilities for theatre online. It’s also a great option to share productions with those who cannot make it to the theatre itself.

Movies come to life through the .THEATRE extension

The .THEATRE extension is also a viable option for the movie industry. This eye catching domain name is the perfect option for all movie theatres, both local and national. Whether it’s a local movie house or a chain, the .THEATRE domain creates a namespace for all things movie-related.

Local productions thrive with a .THEATRE website

The usages for the .THEATRE domain aren’t just limited to the groups who wish to publicize their work. Many establishments could use the .THEATRE domain to give their building a more accurate name—whether it’s the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre or your local playhouse. With the .THEATRE extension, any theatre-related domain name is possible.

The .THEATRE domain joins a host of new extensions available online. Other great options include .THEATER, .MOVIE and .PRODUCTIONS. Click here to view all the options.