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Premium Domains Available
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This Domain .SUCKS, and That's a Good Thing

For any business, consumer complaints are a necessary evil. Keep a stiff upper lip with .SUCKS!

Taking Their Lumps Online

We all want to be cool, edgy, and fun off and online. Businesses and brands are always striving to put their best foot forward and build strong relationships with their customers. If any healthy business hopes to thrive and grow, it must put in place a platform on which their customers may air their grievances with how that business is managed. And .SUCKS doesn't beat around the bush—it cuts right to the chase—giving brands the opportunity to address their shortcomings on their terms. 

A Curt Term for Current Times

Sadly, for businesses and many brands, the new .SUCKS domain can also be used to hurt them. The big name brands and celebrities have already grabbed their .SUCKS domains. But .SUCKS isn’t just for the multi-million dollar brands—In truth, we all have haters. You work hard to be successful, so why let your haters ruin your good name? Cybersquatters are everywhere, and always on the lookout for their next prey. Don’t give control of your brand to your haters—be proactive and claim your .SUCKS name today.