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Premium Domains Available
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.SRL Domains Serve Limited Liability Corporations

Global limited liability corporations have a new home online with the .SLR domain extension.

Foster trust with the .SRL domain

The .SRL domain is a new namespace dedicated solely to limited liability corporations (LLCs). The acronym “SRL” is a common abbreviation for LLCS located in Spain, Italy and Romania among other countries. In Italy and Spain, there are over 1 million SRLs registered. This is why the .SRL extension is an ideal place for businesses to promote professionalism and build trust with customers.

Build Your Business with the .SRL Domain

A .SRL website can help create a professional web presence whether it’s with a store, a blog or cloud storage. This extension is the perfect way to market a website to potential customers. Plus this memorable extension will keep current customers coming back.

.SRL joins a growing number of business-related domains dedicated to helping customers connect with businesses and LLCs. Other similar options include .FINANCIAL, .BUSINESS and .COMPANY. Click here to see all the options.


Only companies that are registered as SRL (Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada/Società a Responsabilità Limitata) qualify to be a Registrant of a .SRL domain name. Such registration must be granted by a governmental body, or an organization authorized by a governmental body to issue such registration.