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Be Seen with the .MOVIE Domain Extension

From indie flicks to summer blockbusters, films have a brand new online home with the .MOVIE domain.

The new .MOVIE domain breathes new life into an old artform. It’s now possible for everyone from well known production studios to up and coming directors to make their name online.

Many uses for the .MOVIE extension

This extension is very versatile, making it a viable option for anyone in the film industry. Here are some potential options for a .MOVIE website:


  • Casting agents can set up a .MOVIE website to promote roles and opportunities to actors and actresses.

  • Independent filmmakers can use .MOVIE to share their work with the world and gain a wider audience.

  • Actors and actresses can create a .MOVIE site to build a portfolio of their work and attract new jobs.


Lights, camera, .MOVIE!

The new .MOVIE domain isn’t just for established industry professionals. It can also be used as a way to share vlogs and personal videos online with a wider audience. On broader platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, these types of videos might get lost in the shuffle of the millions of minutes that get uploaded every day. With a .MOVIE website, standing apart and thriving is no longer an issue for new creators.

More extensions like .MOVIE

New domains present many options, especially for the media industry. This is true of the traditional way of doing things as well as the new way. For those interested in the .MOVIE extension, there is also other options like .FILM, .MEDIA and .VIDEO.