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Kickstart Your Company With The .LTD Extension

The acronym “LTD” has become an ubiquitous part of the business world. This term means “private limited company,” and is most commonly seen after company names. The new .LTD domain creates a digital namespace for companies seeking to build a unique space online to promote offerings.

LTD, or private limited company, is a term that indicates how a business is run or traded. An private limited company has shareholders with limited liability. Shares may not be offered to the general public, unlike those of a public limited company. This type of business is most commonly seen in Europe, specifically in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.


Beat the competition with a .LTD website

The new .LTD domain builds a one-of-a-kind namespace for all businesses and companies that fall under the LTD umbrella. This extension is a straightforward way to get a business in front of many parties from investors to customers. With the help of a .LTD website, companies can get traction online in ways that were not previously possible. In the competitive dog eat dog world of business, a distinct website is also one way to get a leg up on potential competitors.

Many ways to use a .LTD site

While businesses may be the most obvious beneficiaries of the .LTD domain, other parties and individuals can also use the domain. Anything that can be abbreviated as “LTD” may find a home with this extension. Cars, bands, albums and guitars have also been shortened to LTD, making them candidates for this new domain.

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