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Hit The Digital Highway With The New .TIRES Domain

From bikes to cars, tires are an essential part of transportation. The new .TIRES domain makes it simple and easy to get around both online and off.

With so many transit options, getting from point A to point B has never been easier. However even with an investment in a trustworthy method of transportation, new tires will be needed at some point. Whether that's sooner or later depends on a variety of factors from basic wear and tear to accidents. The .TIRES domain easily connects tire buyers to manufacturers and stores carrying said tires. With the advancements of modern technology, maintaining an automobile has never been so simple!

Connect with customers through the .TIRES domain

Tires can often be one of the more boring parts of car ownership, however they don't have to be with the new .TIRES extension. This domain makes it possible for tire manufacturers and retailers to advertise to and connect with customers in new and innovative ways. The .TIRES domain is direct and easy to understand, making it more likely that customers will not only remember a .TIRES site but come back.

So may ways to use the .TIRES extension

New domains have introduced a whole new world of digital versatility. Here are just a few ways that a .TIRES website can be used:

  • Share reviews and specifications on different tire models with the help of a .TIRES website. This can be a great add on to an existing website or blog about cars.

  • Track price increases and decreases that alert customers as to the best time to buy new tires. A feature like this can also work as an smartphone app or an addition to a site.

  • Manufacturers can spread information about new releases as well as any safety recalls to past products. This helps keep customers up to date and informed.

Similar domains include .CAR, .PARTS and .AUTO.