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First Year Price €49 incl. 19.00% VAT
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Registration Period 1 Year
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Have a Little .FAITH

With over 4,000 religions in the world, the brand new .FAITH domain is the perfect way to share your beliefs. Whether you’re a spiritual leader or a blogger, you can use .FAITH to share your thoughts with the world.

In today’s world the word “faith” has a multitude of meanings from religion to personal growth. No matter how you see it, the all new domain .FAITH can help you share your beliefs with the world. Whether you’re a spiritual leader, a counselor or a blogger, you can create a memorable domain name with the new domain .FAITH!

.FAITH for Religious and Spiritual Groups

From Christianity to Islam there are a vast range of religions. For those that ascribe to a set of beliefs, the new .FAITH domain is the perfect way to express your religion or spirituality. For example, religious and spiritual leaders can use the extension to share information about their church, share daily scriptures with their congregation and continue the conversation of religion online.

.FAITH for Personal Beliefs

The all new .FAITH domain isn’t just for religious and spiritual leaders. It works great for anyone looking to share their belief system. For example a blogger can use the new domain .FAITH to expound upon their religion or spiritual background. With this unique extension, visitors are more likely to remember their domain name and come back for more, which is essential for a blog’s success.

In the past traditional top-level domains like .COM or .ORG fell far short of giving people the opportunity to come up with a creative domain name. Today with the al new domain .FAITH anyone can come up with a great, memorable, unique and short domain name that’s available right now.