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As one of the most popular American cities, Las Vegas now has its own digital namespace with the .VEGAS domain.

Every year more than 40 million people from around the globe visit the one-of-a-kind city of Las Vegas. The city itself offers an unparalleled level of excitement like no other. Once known primarily for gambling and casinos, today Vegas has transformed into a unique space for concerts, parties, and conventions. The new .VEGAS domain represents all-thing Vegas online.

Promote tourism with the .VEGAS domain

Tourism accounts for a large part of the Vegas economy. As a result people often take to the Internet looking for Vegas-related travel information. Businesses of all kinds will seek out .VEGAS domain names for activities like hotels, dining, casinos and attractions. This .VEGAS extension attracts a global audience looking for relevant tips, tricks and information.

Expand business with a .VEGAS domain

Tourism and gambling historically formed the basis for most of the Vegas economy, driving its entertainment, dining, and transportation businesses. There are also plenty of businesses that cater to locals. No matter who a business serves, the .VEGAS domain is one great way to attract customers.

.VEGAS joins global city domains online

Las Vegas is one of an elite group of global cities to launch their own domain extensions. Cities include .LONDON, .NYC and .PARIS among many more cities.