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The New and Improved uniteddomains.com

by   Sebastian Bruns on   Oct. 09 2015

This past month, we were proud to launch our newly redesigned website. With an eye towards enhancing the customer experience, we’ve simplified our homepage so that the information you need most is in front of you, and nothing more. Mobile Optimization - Our new website formatting adapts to any device’s screen. No matter whether you’re on a…

Soap.club Offers Handmade Soap with “Aloha Spirit”

by   Ana Varela on   Oct. 08 2015

With the Internet saturated with .COMs, entrepreneurs and small business owners are seizing their moment to shine with brand new domains like .ONLINE, .WEB and .NYC. Many successful new domain pioneers are already taking advantage of the new domain revolution to help their brands obtain a competitive edge online with these short, memorable and unique domain extensions. "We bought a…

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