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Get your visitors' tails wagging with the .DOG domain extension

Ideal for dog owners, enthusiasts, and professionals, the .DOG domain extension is the only domain ending dedicated to our canine companions.

.DOG domains are a business' best friend

Along with being great companions, dogs also spell big business. The .DOG domain extension is the perfect destination to promote dog-related products, like chew toys and food, or even training programs and grooming services. Pet stores and other retailers offering products or services for dogs alongside those for other domesticated animals can use a .DOG web address as a website organizing tool. This is useful for distinguishing dog-related services from their larger web presence and establishing a more intuitive browsing experience for your visitors. 

For operations catering to man's best friend exclusively (no cats allowed), a .DOG domain name is an ideal label for your main homepage, communicating instantly what your area of specialty is to the web traffic that's caught your trail.

.DOG domain names make fetching content

Of course, when we aren't buying products for our dogs, there's a good chance we're talking about them. As a mainstay in millions of canine-friendly homes, dogs are a huge part of daily lives. The producers of the endless amount of dog-related content out on the Internet -- from puppy blogs to meetup groups -- can all clearly signal their content's subject matter to prospective visitors. Dog enthusiasts looking to congregate to talk dogs, share homemade treat recipes, training tips, or advice, will know at once that your content is relevant to their interests, helping to ensure that these visitors will sit and stay on your page.

Similarly, online resources focused on dogs, like training centers and dog-related seminars or education programs, can enhance their existing webspace and connect to their audience more easily with a .DOG domain name. Similarly, a .DOG web address can also be used to highlight canine-focused veterinary medical programs, as well as certification programs for vet techs and assistants. Veterinary hospitals and animal shelters can use .DOG as a destination to outline their services, share health and safety tips, and other content of use to prospective or longtime dog owners.