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  • €99 / Year

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.ORGANIC Extension Details
First Year Price €99 incl. 19.00% VAT
Renew/Transfer Price €99 incl. 19.00% VAT
Registration Period 1 Year
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Grow a fresh web presence with a .ORGANIC Domain

“Organic” is more than a trendy buzzword. It’s a personal philosophy, a path to wellness, a political movement, and a multi-billion dollar industry. With a .ORGANIC domain name, members of the global organic community can cultivate a flourishing web presence.

Why get a .ORGANIC domain name?

If you serve the all-natural crowd, show it with a recognizable, easy-to-find .ORGANIC web address. While there are as many uses for .ORGANIC domains as there are members of the organic community, here are some great fits for .ORGANIC domain name:

  • Organic restaurants and food establishments, farms, retailers and distributors
  • Businesses that sell organic goods or work with organic materials
  • Cooking and recipe blogs (for example,,
  • Resources, forums, and communities dedicated to an organic lifestyle

Who can register .ORGANIC Domains?

.ORGANIC domain names are now available to anyone, without restrictions. That means anybody who believes .ORGANIC represents their online presence can register one.

Do .ORGANIC domain names need to be activated?

No. .ORGANIC domain names do not have to be activated or validated after you register one. Just register the .ORGANIC domain name you want, and you can use it right away.

More domain extensions like the .ORGANIC domain

.BIO: Great for folks in the EU and other regions where the term “bio” refers to organic products
.GREEN: An eco-conscious domain ending without .ORGANIC’s registration restrictions
.FARM: Perfect for farmers committed to growing their products the natural way