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From Minnesota to Mongolia, Make Your Mark With the .MN Domain

Originally created for the country of Mongolia, the .MN domain has been adopted by numerous cities, businesses, and organizations across the globe.

The .MN domain extension is the online home to Mongolia, one of the most sparsely populated nations. Given its small number of constituents, the .MN domain is especially important to the country. For example, coordinating major and cultural events can be easily accomplished with a great .MN website. This includes globally-known happenings like a Naadam where hundreds or even thousands of people compete in wrestling, archery, and cross-country horse-racing. Events like this have grown much easier with the wider availability of telecommunications technology.

Mongolian Culture and the .MN Extension

The country’s economic development also benefits from the wider use of the .MN domain to manage government services. The country’s major economic sectors can easily put a .MN domain name to work for them. Both the growing mining industry and traditional small-scale livestock breeding can use .MN websites to check and set prices and manage trade.

Other Unique Uses for a .MN Domain Name

Though the .MN domain is an obvious fit for everything Mongolia-related, many might be surprised to learn that it can also be used for other locations like Minnesota. Since the American state is abbreviated at “MN,” this domain extension makes a great fit for anything involving Minnesota.

Long known for its friendly people and wide-open plains, Minnesota has also developed a reputation in recent years for rough-and-tumble politics and thriving cities. Kind or sharp-elbowed, rural or urban, .MN websites crop up for Minnesotans of all kinds.

Similarly, Ireland’s County Monaghan is also abbreviated MN and locals can find .MN websites more convenient and specific than other domains like the country-wide .IE. Further south, people in the Italian city of Mantova and the Indian state of Manipur will also recognize the .MN domain as their own.