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.CEO Extension Details
First Year Price €129 incl. 19.00% VAT
Renew/Transfer Price €129 incl. 19.00% VAT
Registration Period 1 Year
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URL Forwarding: Included (Free) check
Email Forwarding: Included (Free) check
DNS Management: Included (Free) check
Sub-Domains: Included (Free) check
SedoMLS: Included (Free) check
Auto-Renewals: Included (Free) check
Web App Connection: Included (Free) check

Lead the Way With the .CEO Domain

The .CEO new domain builds an online home where CEOs can collaborate and share experiences. Executives aren’t the only ones loving this extension. Aspiring executives can also learn a lot from .CEO.

An Exclusive .CEO Website

This trusted online space provides a way for executives to share information such as their background, interests and professional achievements. Within this one of a kind namespace, CEOs can open up and share with others who understand the position they are in within their organization or corporation. No other domain caters exclusively to CEOs.

Climb the Ladder to  .CEO

Aspiring executives can also utilize the extension to interact with and learn from CEOs. This is especially useful when it comes to climbing the career ladder to the top. With the .CEO domain, aspiring executives have unprecedented access to people at the height of their careers.

Community Involvement with the .CEO Domain

Non-profits can also use the .CEO domain to network with C-level executives who might want to help fund their causes. Through the .CEO domain, charitable organizations can get to know the people at the help of a company. This connection is beneficial when it comes to applying for corporate grants, asking for donations and networking. No longer is the CEO a mystical figurehead at the top of an organization, but a real person just like the rest of us.