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Practice Your .POKER Face

The brand new .POKER domain is set to take the Internet by storm. With other 100 million poker players worldwide, this extension has a huge reach that will gain visibility not only with players but also with businesses, brands and corporations.

The new .POKER domain creates a new home for poker-playing enthusiasts and experts alike by opening up a whole new namespace previously unimagined. In the bygone days, the best poker-related domain names, like many others, were long gone in the .COM namespace. New domain extensions like .POKER give everyone the opportunity to create unique and creative sites that suit their needs no matter what the goal.

Bid Big with the .POKER Domain

Poker is a game that is recognized worldwide with over 60 million players in the United States alone. In fact, more people play poker than play billiards, golf and tennis. The game is played both online and off in poker rooms and living rooms alike. From small bids made with friends to high stakes international games, .POKER gives a new meaning to playing poker.

Up the Ante with the .POKER Extension

Businesses, brands and manufacturers are just some of the many beneficiaries of the new .POKER domain. Just consider all the items that go into making a poker game fun. You have chips, card decks, signs, chairs and tables, just to name a few. Companies looking to make inroads with poker player crowd can easily do so with a new .POKER site.

Not only that but .POKER is a great way to advertise games and tournaments no matter how big or small they might be. Likewise, it’s also fitting for forums and those wanting to learn more about the game.