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First Year Price $69.99
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Multi-Year-Registrationup to 10 Years
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Spain Thrives With The .BARCELONA Domain

The City Council of Barcelona is the registry behind the new .BARCELONA domain. With the extension, one of Europe’s most popular cities comes to life online.

Catalonia’s capital goes online with the .BARCELONA extension

Global cities have joined in the online revolution. From .NYC to .OKINAWA, modern metropolises now have their own extensions. The .BARCELONA domain is a digital space created to focus on the unique aspect of Spain’s second most populated city. Online stakeholders include Barcelona’s culture and business community. This platform paves the way for the capital of Catalonia to expand its online presence.

Celebrate Spain with the .BARCELONA domain

The city of Barcelona has a history reaching all the way back to 200 BC. Today nearly 1.6 million people live in this one-of-a-kind city. Everyone from bloggers to business owners can celebrate the city with the .BARCELONA domain. For example, creators focused on Spain can easily associate posts and content about the country with the .BARCELONA extension. Since the domain is open to everyone, it doesn’t matter where a blogger or content creator is located since anyone can register a .BARCELONA website.

Business owners can use the .BARCELONA extension to promote their work online. No longer are entrepreneurs confined to their brick and mortar businesses. Now they can also expand their efforts on the Internet with a new domain name. Unlike other options, the .BARCELONA most closely associates the business with the city where they are located.

As mentioned earlier, .BARCELONA isn’t the only new domain dedicate to a city. It joins a group from around the world including .CAPITAL, .CAPETOWN and .LONDON, just to name a few.

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