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Premium Domains Available
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Stand Out Amongst the Competition with .COMPUTER Domain Names

Whether you’re advertising the latest laptops or writing about the latest trends, .COMPUTER has something for everyone.

It wasn’t too long ago that computers took up an entire room. Today the latest tablets fit in the palm of the hand. Devices from desktops to tablets and everything in between have become woven into the fabric of modern life in ways that were only dreamt of in the past. Now it’s finally time for computers to get their a special home online with the .COMPUTER new generic top-level domain (new Domain Extension).

Branding Your Product

Since “computer” is such a broad term, a range of brands and products can use the.COMPUTER domain to their advantage. For instance, a store that sells a wide variety of goods from phones to household appliances can use .COMPUTER to differentiate computer products. Likewise, stores that focus solely on computer technology can use the extension to market individual products and releases.

For Magazines and Bloggers

Stores aren’t the only ones who benefit from the .COMPUTER new Domain Extension. Blogs, review sites and magazines focused on technology can use the string to build a unique market niche that readers will immediately recognize and value. In a time where readers have so much to choose from, .COMPUTER can help set your blog or magazine apart from the crowd.