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One .PICS Domain, A Thousand Words

Images of all sorts have come to play a dominant role in modern life. From the front page of a newspaper to the most popular social media networks, pictures are shaping the way people see the world. The new .PICS domain creates a definitive home for images of all sorts.

.PICS: Capture the moment

The .PICS domain will help channel the photography revolution into an easy-to-remember and instantly recognizable destination for all things visual. The advent of .PICS benefits more than just shutterbugs looking to for a reliable space to host images. .PICS can be a valuable resource for photographic artists looking to display and sell their work, a family sharing their vacation photos with relatives across the country, or a local restaurant looking to show off its revamped decor. The possibilities, like the stream of pics themselves, are endless.

Images dominate the Internet with .PICS domains

By 2020, it is estimated that 70 percent of the world’s population will own a smartphone and thus have a camera in the palm of their hand. With the ubiquity of cellphone cameras and the dominance of social media, photos, or "pics," have transformed into a leading medium of Internet expression. The new .PICS domain creates a digital namespace for this ever changing medium.

Share more with a .PICS website

Every year more than 650 million photos are taken. But the massive number of pics we take and view daily has not sullied the value of photography, but instead radically diversified its capabilities and relevance in our lives. Where photographs sought to capture history, pics are ever-emerging artifacts of human beings realizing their identities digitally. With images being captured around the globe, the .PICS domain is one quick and easy way to share them on a wider scale.

More domains like .PICS

New domains have forever changed the landscape of the Internet. The .PICS extension is just one of hundreds of new options available now. Other similar extensions include .PHOTOS, .GALLERY and .PHOTOGRAPHY. Click here for a full list of available domains.