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.MANAGEMENT Extension Details
First Year Price €19 incl. 19.00% VAT
Renew/Transfer Price €19 incl. 19.00% VAT
Registration Period 1 Year
Premium Domains Available
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Reliable .MANAGEMENT Has Arrived

Whether it’s purchasing the best content management software or joining a resource management team, .MANAGEMENT will identify reliable support.

Organized + Efficient + Reliable = .MANAGEMENT

The foundation of a successful company begins with the right leadership, organization, and goals. Management is the key ingredient to success. Coordinating the efforts of people to deliver desired goals and objectives is and will continue to be the key priority. That being said, .MANAGEMENT will be a useful New Domain Extension. This target specific TLD provides online visibility and connects to the global hub of management resources. Finding the right source for management solutions will be exceptionally improved with .MANAGEMENT.

Getting the Job Done With the Right .MANAGEMENT Domain Name

From marketing, healthcare, to financial & engineering, managers will now have a new central hub at .MANAGEMENT. Providing effective marketing and advanced networking solutions, .MANAGEMENT provides a term-specific TLD. Antithetically, .MANAGEMENT is extensive and perfect to use for either personnel or software solutions. Management teams will have a better opportunity to creatively showcase their service. Reliable CMS tools will soon be easier to access. We guarantee, this New Domain Extension will improve the way companies work.