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An Old Drink Gets a Facelift With The .VODKA Domain

In the United States vodka accounts for almost 27% of all spirit sales, making it one of the most popular adult beverages. In Russia vodka is the most consumed spirit. It’s easy to see that the spirit is only growing in popularity. The .VODKA new domain promotes the spirit online to both businesses and consumers.

Distill the facts with the .VODKA domain

The .VODKA domain opens many avenues for the promotion of the spirit online on both the consumer and producer side. This domain is ideal for the promotion of anything related to vodka from the process it takes to make and distill it to the consumption of this popular spirit. Given the fact that consumers have so many options when it comes to choosing their spirit of choice, .VODKA cuts through the noise.

The .VODKA extension promotes business

Many types of businesses and companies benefit from the .VODKA extension. Just consider all the possibilities this domain presents:


  • Brands can set up websites to promote their products to bars, restaurants and liquor stores. They can share the different flavors and sizes offered for sale.

  • Liquor stores and chains can share their vodka offerings with this extension. This makes it easier for customers to find new flavors and brands.

  • Bars and restaurants focused on serving liquors like vodka can create a website to appeal to patrons looking specifically for vodka-centric locales.

The .VODKA domain joins a growing number of extensions focused on adult beverages, bars and restaurants. Other options include .BAR, .RESTAURANT and .PARTY.


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