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First Year Price €49 incl. 19.00% VAT
Renew/Transfer Price €49 incl. 19.00% VAT
Registration Period 1 Year
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Hit the Books with the .STUDY Extension

When it comes to online education, the new .STUDY domain opens up a world of knowledge for people across the globe.

Online education has grown by leaps and bounds in just the past five years alone. Growth has happened in both traditional avenues of education such as colleges and universities as well as new self-paced learning opportunities. The reach of online education spans the globe, with many regions taking advantage of opportunities that were unavailable to previous generations of learners.

Flexible online education through the .STUDY domain

The new .STUDY domain helps expand online education by legitimizing platforms providing it. Open Universities Australia (OUA), the operator of .STUDY, is aiming to create a trustworthy namespace for education. As an international leader in education, is working to expand access to flexible online education.

Global education florished with the .STUDY extension

Access to online education is important now more than ever. With the the world becoming increasingly smaller and therefore more global, it’s imperative that education be available to everyone and not just a privileged few. This is already happening as evidenced by the fact that Malaysia and Vietnam has two of the fastest growing rates online learning.

The .STUDY domain takes college online

These aren’t the only markets to benefit from the .STUDY domain. Traditional colleges and universities are also experiencing rapid growth in online learning. Some studies now predict that by 2019, nearly half of all college courses will be online-based.

Eligibility requirements

To support the mission and purpose of the TLD, registering and renewing domain names in the TLD is open to any interested party. All domain names, and their subsequent use, must be consistent with the mission and purpose of the TLD. There will be no prerequisite for an Applicant to demonstrate eligibility when applying for a domain name in the TLD.

In order to register or renew a domain name the Applicant or Registrant must be the intended beneficiary of the domain name registration. At the time of submitting an Application to register or renew a domain name in the TLD, the Applicant or Registrant must warrant that:

  • it meets the eligibility requirements; and
  • that the domain name and its use will be consistent with:
  • the mission and purpose of the TLD; and
  • applicable laws, government rules or requirements and the Published Policies.

Monitoring and review

During the lifecycle of the domain name the registry may take certain steps to substantiate whether a Registrant meets the requirements described in the registration policy.