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Get Schooled with .ACADEMY Domains

Teachers and students alike can use a .ACADEMY web address to create beautiful and unique websites focused on all things learning and education.

.ACADEMY domain names take education online

The pursuit of knowledge doesn't end in the classrooom anymore. Education is thriving online as well. From the proliferation of online classes at established educational instutions, to the growing number of education companies and services that only exist online, education is transforming in powerful ways thanks to the power of the Internet. For all of these educational entities, the .ACADEMY domain extension is a gold-star address for online content devoted to the pursuit and transmission of knowledge. 

.ACADEMY Web Addresses Represent Educators and Schools

With online courses offered at a reported 89% of four-year public colleges and 64% of community colleges, it's no question that the Internet holds the future of higher education. Educational institutions develop increasingly net-integrated curricula for their students, the .ACADEMY domain name is a great option to label these online resources. Charter schools and private schools can also pick an open .ACADEMY domain over the more broadly focused .SCHOOL extension, or the more regulated and difficult-to-acquire .EDU domain name.

For professionals and academics in higher education, it's vital to stay on top of current developments and stand out, both in your field of expertise and online. The .ACADEMY domain extension lends itself naturally to online portfolios, blogs, and content focused on your academic career. With a .ACADEMY domain, your online presence stands out with a relevant and distinctive label, helping to establish a modern professional online identity. 

Embrace the future of online learning with a .ACADEMY domain

Though the word “academy” is typically associated with official institutes of education, it can also be used for websites that train those looking to build a particular skillset or trade. On the Internet's vast frontier, people seek out this training from a huge array of resources. Whether someone is looking to learn the basics of digital camerawork for filmmaking, take on a foreign language, or code their first website, the web is chock full of educational resources that scratch our many academic itches.

While they may not always provide accreditation, a great number of web-based knowledge resources strive to provide accessible education for everyone. In that continuing effort, many of these sites have even become respected institutions of their own, and even boast lesson plans, detailed courses, and lectures from experts in the field. 

As the .ACADEMY extension is intended to be unrestricted, online learning resources like these will have have greater choice for registering an appropriate and useful domain name. So while these online knowledge stores may lack a schoolhouse to conduct class within, they can clearly signal their purpose and establish credibility with prospective pupils by taking on a .ACADEMY web address.