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Multi-Year-Registrationup to 10 Years
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Level Up With the .GAMES Domain

Games can be traced back to 2600 BC, making them a universal part of human life across the globe. From soccer matches to computer games, gaming is on the rise. The new .GAMES extension gives players a way to connect online.

Get playing with the .GAMES extension

In the United States alone more than 155 million people play video and computer games, according to a report by the Entertainment Software association. Last year alone consumers spent over $22 billion on games and game-related hardware such as consoles and computers. The new .GAMES domain is one easy way for brands and companies to capitalize on the rising popularity of gaming. With the .GAMES domain, any website related to games, whether they be real or virtual, can have a new home online. This extension makes it easier than ever to reach consumers and gamers.

The .GAMES domain connects fans

Sporting events are an international pastime and range from kids youth soccer leagues to professional football leagues. These events are big business, too, with over 139 million people in the US attending a professional league game in 2015. The .GAMES domain is a great way for teams to connect with fans. The website can be used to provide information on ticket prices, upcoming games and player stats.

Amateur sports take the stage with .GAMES

It’s not just professional sports leagues that benefit from .GAMES. Amateur sports leagues are more popular than ever with people of all ages participating in a huge variety of sports. And with sports participating growing, so is the market. By 2019 the sports industry is predicted to reach $73.5 billion in revenue. With this ever expanding grown, the .GAMES domain is one way for sports-related companies to reach consumers. This includes businesses dedicated to selling equipment and uniforms as well as ticket sales outlets.

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.GAMES joins hundreds of new domains that are revolutionizing the Internet. Those interesting in this extension may also like the following domains:

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