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First Year Price €199 incl. 19.00% VAT
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The .PE Domain Puts Peru On the Digital Map

The .PE domain is the online home for the South American Republic of Peru. It’s a great fit for anyone looking to make a unique statement online.

Since 1991, the .PE domain extension has served as the official top-level domain of the Republic of Peru, located in South America. Today there are more than 81,000 active .PE domains registered both within Peru and beyond its borders. Since there are no restrictions on who can register a .PE domain, you can get yours today and use it for almost anything!

Promote Peru Online With a .PE Domain Name

Peru is an extremely diverse republic located near Ecuador and Colombia. The Peruvian economy thrives on services, extractive industries and taxes. With such economic diversity, the .PE domain can serve as an amazing platform for a variety of businesses. When a Peruvian company chooses a .PE domain name over any other extension, they’re sure to stand out in a crowded field and communicate to their customers that they are a local Peruvian business. 

All the Possibilities with the .PE Domain Extension

With the .PE extension growing over the years, it is estimated that in years to come domain subscriptions will continue to increase as it's appeal expands beyond just the business realm. It’s clear to see that this domain name is great for individuals, too! Individuals and groups can use the .PE domain extension to share their love and appreciate of Peruvian culture. Visitors from beyond the Peruvian borders can instantly know that they are visiting a website that is an authoritative voice on Peruvian culture, as it will be using the .PE domain extension.