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First Year Price €79 incl. 19.00% VAT
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Registration Period 1 Year
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Leave Your Mark with the .ARCHI Domain

The brand new .ARCHI domain paves the way for all-things architecture-related online. With this extension, you can build the site of your dreams.

The importance of professional architecture is hard to understate, but it’s difficult for the average consumer to navigate without a guide. That guide is the .ARCHI new domain. Today, architecture is a tightly-regulated global industry with a wide variety of subspecialties, including environmental sustainability, seismic retrofitting, and pre-fab.

Carving Out a Unique Space Online with .ARCHI

We all know by now that you don’t have to be a household name to make your mark online. With the .ARCHI domain extension, architects, museums, schools and members of the press can expand their reach. This means the architecture field is no longer confined to the overcrowded .COM namespace.

Greater Cultural Reach with the .ARCHI Domain Name

The .ARCHI extension reaches many cultures due to its shortened nature. For example, in English, speakers would refer to a professional as an “architect” while in Polish he or she would be known as “architekt.” By shortening the domain to just “archi,” the extension has an immediate broader reach to cultures around the globe.

Requirements to Register a .ARCHI Domain

In order to register a .ARCHI domain, the Registrant must meet at least one of the following criteria:

a) being an individual professional architect or an architecture firm registered as a member of a Union Internationale des Architectes (“UIA”) Member Section (i.e., ; either a Member Section or an Allied Member Section of UIA as defined in UIA Bylaw Section II.3. The current list of UIA Member Sections and Allied Member Section is available in section "What is UIA?" on UIA website at www.uia-;


b) being an architecture-related organization (such as schools, museums, professional media, etc.) listed on a dedicated list defined by the APAC (i.e., Archi Policy Advisory Committee which is the supervising and regulatory body of the .ARCHI Domain) in collaboration with the UIA and the UIA Member Sections, and available on the Registry website.