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Premium Domains Available
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Ideas Get Traction With The .PROMO Extension

Online promotions have become make or break for many brands and companies. With the new .PROMO domain, getting the word out about a campaign, product or discount (among many others) just got easier.

While the Internet is rapidly changing the way companies communicate with customers, one thing remains the same: A unique and memorable domain like .PROMO. The registry behind this extension, Play.PROMO, has put forth this new extension as a way for companies to connect with customers. The extension is a powerful way to successfully generate customer engagement, lead generation as well as customer acquisition and retention. These are just a few ways the .PROMO domain can be put into play online.

Share information through the .PROMO domain

Given the versatility of this extension, the .PROMO can also be used to a wide range of promotion online including ecommerce services, sales campaigns and blogs. The .PROMO extension is the perfect addon for an existing domain. For example, a blogger can set up a .PROMO domain when running a promotion or giveaway for readers. This is an efficient way to separate and promote special content.


Users can trust a .PROMO website


Play.PROMO is working to provide a secure platform for online promotions with this new extension. The registry is committed to creating a platform of trust and security with the new .PROMO extension. This helps build a safe community for both companies running a promotion and the end users participating in it.

There are several other domains that are similar to the .PROMO domain. Interested registrants will also want to take a look at .SALE, .DEAL and .MARKETING.