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A domain that .ROCKS

The .ROCKS domain was created for anyone and anything that, well, rocks.

Share your passion with a .ROCKS domain

Passion and enthusiasm are often difficult to convey online, especially through a domain name. However, this is no longer the case with the .ROCKS extension. This powerhouse domain name creates a space where anyone can share their excitement. .ROCKS is an extension for sports fanatics, geologists, bibliophiles and everyone in between. This domain one simple and easy way to share about hobbies, interests, and research.

The .ROCKS extension is where music matters

No matter what the genre, music, well, rocks. Music transcends so many issues in life that divide people, which makes it a nearly universal language so-to-speak. The .ROCKS extension creates a digital home for everyone working in the music industry including artists, bands, producers, recording studios and more. It's also a good fit for enthusiasts, fans and amateur musicians who want to stay connected with one another.

Here are some ways that the .ROCKS domain can be used by the music industry:

  • Independent recording studios can share hours, services provided and available equipment.
  • Musicians, bands, and recording artists can better connect with fans and industry professionals by launching a .ROCKS website.
  • Fans can create forums and sites dedicated to their favorite acts with the help of the .ROCKS extension.

Build a portfolio with a .ROCKS domain

When it comes to self-promotion, one way to grab the public's attention is with a good domain name. The .ROCKS extension is an eye-catching way to quickly draw people to a site. This domain is especially effective for portfolio sites that promote personal and professional accomplishments.

More domains like .ROCKS

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